Organic Lemon Powder - USA Grown & Freeze-dried

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  • OUR GOAL - We strive to produce the world's highest quality lemon powder. Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Whole-Food, USA Grown. Freeze-dried to retain the cellular structure and maximum amount of nutrition in each organic lemon.
  • TASTE - Using whole lemons (peel, juice, seeds, pulp... everything) provides a sour, somewhat bitter taste. Some will enjoy how 'real' it tastes and others will not. One scoop in 12 oz of water makes a refreshing lemon water. Also works great in smoothies.
  • SIMPLE PROCESS - Each lemon is grown in the USA > Harvested > Washed > Frozen > Freeze-Dried > Powdered
  • INGREDIENTS - Whole Organic Lemon Powder (including the peel), 3% Silica (needed to keep the powder from clumping).
  • EACH TUB - 80 scoops. Each scoop of powder = 1 lemon wedge.
We start with whole, organic lemons that are organically grown in the USA. They get frozen. Then Freeze-dried. And lastly ground into a powder. During the grinding step, a small amount of silica powder (3%) is added to keep the finished powder from clumping. We wish we did not need to add this as we like to keep our powders as pure as possible, but unfortunately, without it, the organic lemon powder would turn into a solid clump. 


      Organic Freeze-Dried Whole Lemon Powder, 3% Silica (needed to prevent clumping)

      At KOYAH, our customer's trust is what matters most to us and we are proud to produce products, like our Organic Freeze-Dried Lemon Powder, that live up to the absolute highest quality standards and ensures YOU get the most out of what you eat!
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