What do you mean by "Whole-Food"?

So many ingredients used by other nutritional products, even those that claim to be so-called "whole-food", have been stripped of nutrients, and have added preservatives. Things like protein powder (brown rice, pea, etc.), sweeteners (sugar, stevia, monk fruit, etc.), gums (acacia, guar, etc.), and many others are all ingredients that get stripped of certain nutrients in their processing. At KOYAH we are a brand committed to simply using whole-foods where the only thing we remove is the water through our drying processes. We don't strip our ingredients of nutrients like fiber, fats, sugars, etc. We keep them in the whole form, just how nature produces them.

Why don't you use natural flavors in your products?

Natural flavors are often a sneaky way for companies to hide highly processed ingredients in their products. They will often have 20 different ingredients worked into a single "natural flavor", and because of the labeling laws all they need to say on their ingredient list is "natural flavor". We believe that flavoring products with whole-foods, like freeze-dried fruits not only creates better tasting products, but also healthier products.

Do you use Organic ingredients?

Yes. We are committed to ONLY using USDA Organic ingredients. 

Why do your products seem to be higher in cost than others?

Being committed to only using whole-food, organic ingredients makes our ingredient costs higher than lower quality products. We are also a small startup business working on a small scale. As we grow, we promise to continue our commitment to our ingredient's quality while lowering our costs through larger scale product creation.