staying healthy while traveling

Staying healthy while traveling

Traveling is such an amazing way to educate yourself on the world around you. Whether yourtraveling for work or play it’s easy for healthy lifestyles to go the opposite direction, especially when you’re on vacation (you know what I’m talking about). Here are our favorite pointers to stay healthy while on the road. 

Keep the water coming. Staying hydrated is key. Your body is made up of mostly liquid, so if you get dehydrated your health can go south. Stay on top of it with drinking lots of water. 

Keep moving. Take the stairs and walk everywhere. It’s easy to stand on the moving walkway, take the elevator and hop in an Uber. But if the option is there to walk, might as well get your daily exercise and enjoy the sites when you can.

Sleep. Make sure you’re squeezing in the hours to sleep when and where you can. Some people are really good about going to bed early and sleeping in but it’s easy to get caught up socializing and adventuring. Your body needs rest when you’re traveling.

Stick to an exercise routine. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy or strenuous, make a goal to exercise everyday or every other day.   

Eat plenty of nuts, whole-foods, fruits and veggies. You’ll find which plant-based healthy snacks travel well. Nuts and trail mix are great to keep in your purse or bag. 

Communicate. If you’ve got to get a workout in to keep your sanity, schedule it in your day and communicate to the group what you need to do to be your best you. Eat the foods you feel the most comfortable with and don't worry about the rest of the party. 



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