5 reasons why you should incorporate KOYAH into your daily routine

5 reasons why you should incorporate KOYAH into your daily routine

Hello! I’m Ally, one of the KOYAH team members. I have a serious passion for healthy whole foods, exercise and my family (dogs included). I love the leafy green KOYAH products. To be honest I’m obsessed with them. I have a 17-month-old son and getting extra veggies into his diet can have its challenges. My solution, put the kale and spinach powder into everything he eats.

I have a love for whole foods and when I find something I’m passion about I want to spread the word and excitement as if I’m screaming from the roof tops.

KOYAH has changed my family’s life and I think adding it to your daily routine is another great way to get more whole foods into your everyday habits. 

Here are my 5 reasons you should incorporate KOYAH into your own style of living:

  1. No product wasted. You heard me. Nothing is wasted. 1 scoop equals 1 cup of spinach or kale. Something we used to run into at our house is our spinach and kale goes bad pretty fast; we’re aggressive veggie eaters. But sometimes you can’t eat the greens fast enough. The leafy greens are freeze-dried preserving the nutrients so you’re not missing out by using our product over trying to cram in all your spinach and kale before it goes bad in just a few short days.
  1. No clean up! Now we’re talking, my son is a wrecking ball and the inside of my house looks like a tornado hit it at the end of the day. But what I love about the KOYAH products is; it’s just 1 scoop. I don’t have to chop, rinse and pick through my leafy greens anymore. I literally add a scoop or two into whatever we’re eating and the only cleanup is if I’m not paying attention and get green powder on my counter tops.
  1. You can put it in almost anything. Literally. I have found myself putting KOYAH in everything. I throw a scoop or two over my baked veggies, smoothies, smoothie bowls, tacos, brownies, sauces, soups, breads, pancakes, muffins and the list goes on. The spinach and kale are very functional foods that can be added into pretty much everything.
  1. Did someone say kale shots? If you’re on the go and need an extra healthy green boost, you can bust out a quick kale shot before you hit the road. Kale Ya! 
  1. Its real whole food! When you look at the ingredients on the KOYAH ingredient deck it literally is whole foods. I love this. If you look at other smoothie ad in’s you see a lot of fillers that aren’t always the best option. KOYAH is a company that is putting products on the market with good intentions and integrity.

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  • Dick Koch

    Ally, you turned me on to KOYAH. Thanks. It’s a Great product! I was sad to see the Ally’s Bar business not make it. I’ve been a cyclist for……. well, over half my life. I’ll be 69 in June 2018, still riding strong, and plan to be riding many more years. I’m a cancer surviver and always looking for healthy, clean, green products. The KOYAH products are a great addition to my healthy eating regimen, are clean( in lots of ways), easy to make and maybe it’s just imagined but, seem to give me additional energy for my cycling. I plan to be a long time customer!

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