Kale, Collards and Lemon Smoothie

Kale, Collards and Lemon Smoothie. A nutty success!

The power of greens will keep your insides squeaky clean. This delicious glass is loaded with KOYAH goodness. Hearty and nutritionally dense from the kale, collards and lemon we added almonds to give you some plant-based protein and thickness. 

Enjoy this simple and easy green glass of health.

In your blender combine:

1 scoop KOYAH kale powder (or 1 cup fresh kale) 
1 scoop KOYAH collard greens powder (or 1/2 cup fresh collard greens)  
1 wedge of fresh lemon
1 cup of water
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup almonds
small piece of ginger or 1 tsp of ginger powder

Blend on high until smooth. Add more water if needed. 

Serves 1 

We love to see what your fixing up with KOYAH. Please don't forget to tag us in your photos! 

Kale, Collards and Lemon Smoothie

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